Commercial Freezers Repair

Commercial Freezers repair

Commercial Freezers are a critical component of any food service establishment. They require regular maintenance from All Temp Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to ensure they work properly and are energy efficient. Keeping an eye out for covert signs your freezer is overworking will help you avoid expensive repair bills. A few common issues include:

Commercial freezers are designed to keep food frozen and safe for long periods. However, ice buildup is not only unsightly but can also cause serious damage to the unit. The most common cause of ice buildup is moisture infiltration into the cold storage room. This can happen due to warm product being put into the freezer, repeated opening of the door, or improperly sealing equipment. The moisture will then mix with the cold air, and begin to form into frost and ice.

Consistent ice buildup is one of the most common signs that your freezer needs repairs. If you notice your walk-in freezer has a heavy accumulation of frost or ice, it is important to have it checked out immediately by a professional. The ice may indicate a serious issue, such as a broken sensor or fan delay relay, that can affect the entire appliance. Frost that only forms in the rear of your freezer, where the evaporator coil is located, could be an indicator that there is an issue with the defrost cycle.

If you have a large amount of ice buildup in the freezer, it is also important to test the integrity of the gaskets and door seals. To do this, simply place a dollar bill between the freezer door and the frame, if the bill easily slides out of the freezer you know that your gaskets aren’t sealing as well as they should. Inspecting the gaskets, door hardware, drains and insulation panels on a regular basis will help you catch these issues before they become major problems that require a costly repair. This will also save you on energy bills.

Poor Door Seals

The seal, or gasket, around the freezer door helps keep cold air inside, reducing cooling costs and helping food remain fresh. Over time, however, it can deteriorate, letting in warm air and leading to rising energy bills. Fortunately, this is one of the most common and easiest commercial refrigeration repair problems to fix.

You can check for a faulty seal by running your hand along the edge of the freezer when it’s closed. If you feel a rush of cold air, then the seal is loose and needs to be pushed back in place. To do this, first clean the seal with warm water and detergent. Then, apply a layer of silicone grease to the surface of the seal, which will help keep it in place. Finally, add a strip of waxed paper that overlaps the undamaged portion of the seal at either end. This will improve the seal’s effectiveness and prevent it from cracking in the future.

Another common sign of a poor freezer seal is condensation on the freezer window. While this may seem insignificant, it’s important to address it as soon as possible to avoid freezing moisture. You should also make sure that nothing is preventing the freezer’s temperature gauge from working properly. Check to see if it’s blocked by inventory or food packaging and move items if necessary.

In addition to checking your freezer for a faulty seal, you should make sure that the compressor is operating normally by listening for any unusual noises or looking for signs of dirt. If you notice that your freezer is leaking water, is making a loud noise when it turns on or off, or is displaying any other signs of trouble, call a professional for an inspection.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Commercial walk-in freezers must maintain consistent temperatures to preserve frozen food. If you notice the temperature inside your freezer fluctuating or not remaining at its set safety point, it’s important to have a commercial refrigeration repair service come in for an inspection as soon as possible to prevent food waste and potential health hazards.

Odd smells coming from your commercial freezer are another clear sign that it’s time for a repair. Weird and foul odors can be caused by mold, mildew, spoiled food, freezer burn, and bacteria buildup. The odors may also be caused by leaking coolant that is prohibiting the freezer from cooling properly.

Another way to tell it’s time for a commercial refrigerator or freezer repair is by noticing that the food in the unit has a different texture or flavor than usual. This could be a sign that the food has begun to defrost and return to its liquid state. This can cause the food to spoil quickly and cost you money in ruined inventory.

Commercial freezers use a lot of energy. When they aren’t functioning properly, it can be difficult to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. A commercial refrigeration repair service can help you reduce your energy costs by repairing or replacing the damaged components.

Commercial freezers are essential for most businesses, and they’re a big investment. With regular maintenance, they can serve your business well for many years to come. Identifying signs of wear and tear early on can help you avoid larger repairs or replacements in the future, saving you both time and money. A commercial refrigeration repair technician can diagnose and fix problems with your walk-in freezers, ice machines, and refrigerators so you can continue serving your customers without interruption.

Strange Smells

The freezer is a wonderful tool for keeping perishable foods fresh, but it can also be used by microbes to grow and spread. Many spoilage microbes are killed by freezing, but some can still thrive at a temperature that’s higher than the recommended -18°C. Food spills, open containers, and other factors can give these bacteria and fungi the ideal conditions for growth. Bad smells can result, and this will quickly affect the quality of your food.

Strange odors can be caused by spoiled foods, but they could also indicate that the freezer isn’t functioning as it should. If the smell is reminiscent of cleaning spray or gas, it’s likely that your walk-in freezer needs to be serviced as soon as possible.

Before calling a commercial refrigerator repair company, it’s important to first perform a visual inspection of the equipment. Discard any foods that are past their prime and wipe down all surfaces. A bowl of charcoal, coffee grounds, or baking soda can be placed in the freezer to absorb any lingering odors. These absorption agents are safe for storage around food, and they can be changed daily or weekly until the freezer is free of foul odors. Using these simple techniques can help prevent spoiled foods and unpleasant odors in the future. It’s important to keep a schedule for routine inspections and maintenance to catch these issues before they cause larger problems that require professional attention.

Unusual Sounds

While commercial refrigerators are typically quiet, if you notice strange noises coming from your freezer it is time to schedule an appointment with a refrigeration service company. Sounds like hissing or clunking noises may indicate that your freezer has a problem with its fan motor, compressor, or condenser. Similarly, strange odors inside your commercial freezer could be due to a refrigerant leak, which is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible so you can continue to operate your business and serve your customers.

Another covert sign that your freezer isn’t working properly is an unexplained increase in your energy costs. This is because as your freezer works to maintain its cold temperature it has to use more energy, which is reflected in your electricity bill.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the food inside your commercial freezer, especially its expiration dates. If food is spoiling much faster than usual or going bad well before the date, this is a sure sign that your freezer isn’t cooling properly, which can result in food poisoning.

Paying attention to these signs that your commercial freezer isn’t working properly can help you catch issues early, reducing the chance of them causing a major disruption to your business and saving you money on spoiled food and higher energy bills. Regular maintenance and repair services can help ensure your commercial fridge, walk-in cooler, or freezer is running properly for the life of its expected lifespan. Call us now to learn more about our comprehensive commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services or to request a quote for your freezer. We look forward to helping you!